Social Responsibility

CONPET is promoting a transparent business climate, the communication and cooperation with all the parties involved in the pursuit of its business respecting the community and the environment.

The company has supported, by sponsorship actions, projects of tradition or projects bearing a significant and longlasting impact on the community, as well as less demanding requirements targeting ideas, actions or individual records.

Over the last years, we have supported the organization of several artistic and cultural reputed events – “Paul Constantinescu” National Contest of Music Intepretation and Creation, “Toma Caragiu” National Theatre Festival, national health campaigns, school contests and olympiads, as well as sports activities carried on within profile clubs.

CONPET S.A. took care that the sponsorship meant to sustain certain projects and events carried on by the nonprofit organizations be as efficient as possible on social terms, and the financial aid granted constitute a decisive support for citizens.