Integrated Management System

Certification of the Integrated Management System quality – environment – occupational health and safety was held for the first time in September 2007 with recertification every three years. Surveillance audits conducted by auditors of the certification body DNV-GL Business Assurance Hub Romania occur annually.

In September 2016 certification of the Energy Management System was held, implemented in Conpet according to the requirements of ISO 50001:2011.

The Director General of CONPET SA set the policies related to quality, environment, occupational health and safety and energy infrastructures taking into account the following elements:

  • The strategic directions of the company;
  • Requirements of reference standards, legal requirements and other requirements
  • The analysis of the organization context and the requirements of relevant stakeholders

The policy on quality, environment, occupational health and safety is oriented towards customer satisfaction and other relevant stakeholders, compliance with legal requirements applicable to the organization and ensuring all personnel a healthy working environment in safe conditions.

Energy policy is oriented to continuous improvement of the energy performance of the company and compliance with legal requirements for energy efficiency.

Following the external surveillance audit conducted by DNV-GL Business Assurance Hub Romania in September 2021, the following certificates shall be maintained:

  • 179568-2015-AQ-ROU-RvA, in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 requirements,
  • 179569-2015-AE-ROU-RvA, in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 requirements,
  • 179565-2015-AHSO-ROU-RvA, in accordance with ISO 45001:2018 requirements,
  • 207619-2016-AE-ROU-RvA, in accordance with ISO 50001:2018 requirements.

Starting 2010, it has been implemented the Railway Safety Management System in accordance with the national legal requirements and European directives on railway safety reference. The field of application of this system includes the railway ramps where CONPET SA performs the railway shunting operations.

By the railway safety policy, CONPET SA is committed to work towards common safety targets and compliance with the requirements in national and European Union regulations.
For the railway ramps, the Romanian Railway Authority (AFER) has granted the company license to perform rail transport services (railway shunting).

For the railway ramps where CONPET performs rail shunting for its own purposes/for third-parties/on industrial rail line which is not the company’s property, AFER has issued the Single Safety Certificate no. OMF 2021007 and at 30.05.2022 has updated Annex B, based on the issue of the new Single Safety Certificate no. OMF 2021007, in accordance with OMTIC no. 743/2020.

In July 2022, as a result of the external audit conducted by the SRAC CERT certification body, the following certificates have been issued:

They certify the compliance of the anti-bribery management system implemented in CONPET SA, in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 37001: 2016 standard.

By way of the Anti-bribery Policy, CONPET S.A.’s management commits itself to not tolerate any act of corruption, undertakes to observe the anti-bribery legislation applicable to the organization and encourages the reporting of bribery acts or attempts, by any employee or relevant third-party, without fear of retaliation.