Environmental Awareness

The environmental awareness and the concern for the community where we perform our activity stand for our major priorities. We have assumed the following environmental commitment:

  • company’s operation as per the legal requirements in force and other applicable requirements for aspects such as air pollutants emissions, solid and liquid wastes generated by our activities, products and services;
  • ongoing optimization of the records in the environmental protection activity, by pollution prevention, technological risks and accidents bearing negative effects on the environment;
  • the effective use of energy, natural resources, source materials or fissile materials in the activities we’re performing;
  • raising awareness of the own personnel and the one working on behalf of the company with regards to the significance of the rigorous observance of the environmental protection regulations and recommendations;
  • the optimal information and communication with the own personnel, in view of participation to the achievement of the objectives and environmental protection program.

We have identified the environmental aspects of the activities that we can control and influence, considering the current activities and the scheduled or new developments, for normal and abnormal operating conditions, as well as foreseen emergency situations.
We have determined the aspects bearing a significant environmental impact and have established the measures, correlated with the environmental objectives and targets, which have been materialized in the Environmental Management Program.

The environmental management system, implemented, maintained and improved on a continous basis creates the necessary conditions for the supply of the transport services in compliance with the legal requirements and other requiremens, to which CONPET S.A. has subscribed, applicable to the environmental aspects, for pollution prevention and increase of the envirnomental performance.