Corporate Governance Rules


As per “Bucharest Stock Exchange Corporate Governance Code”, the stock issuers have adopted clear and transparent structures of corporate governance that have been adequately disclosed to the public at large.

CONPET S.A. has promoted and approved, first time, pursuant to the BoA Decision no. 7/27.03.2014, the Corporate Governance Rules of the company. Under this document, CONPET S.A. commits to the principles specified in the Corporate Governance Code of Bucharest Stock Exchange, given the characteristics and specific business of the company.

The Corporate Governance Structures, defined pursuant to the Corporate Governance Rules, are setting the related functions of the Board of Administration and members of the Executive Management, as well as the competencies and responsibilities thereof.

The Issuer includes, in the Annual Report, a chapter addressing the corporate governance that contains all relevant events related to corporate governance, recorded during the previous financial year.

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Corporate Governance Rules