The National Transport System

“…A very long, lazy, black, irony snake, lively spirited and sensitive when pumps are on. He lengthens when heat and compresses when cold, describing everlasting, lazy movements that embody the very essence of his nature.” – (Eng. Corneliu Toroceanu)

The Crude Oil National Transport System (N.T.S.) is the ensemble of interconnected major pipelines, providing the collection of the crude oil from the extraction sites or import crude and their routing from the sites they have been delivered by the producers/importers towards the processing units.

Acting as concessionnaire of the N.T.S., CONPET S.A. is legally bound to provide to all applicants – authorized legal persons, free access to the system’s available throughput, under equal conditions, in a non-discriminatory and transparent manner.

The N.T.S. is currently 3.800 km in length and is being divided into four major sub-systems. The system’s transport throughput is approximately 27.5 million tons/year.

Crude Oil Transport Infrastructure

Domestic Crude OilImported Crude OilRich Gas and EthaneCrude Oil and Rich Gas
1,540 km of pipelines1,348 km of pipelines921 km of pipelines13 loading ramps
6,9 million tons per year throughput20,2 million tons per year throughput0,33 million tons per year throughput2 unloading ramps
126,000 mc storage capacity45,000 mc storage capacity663 mc storage capacity13 locomotives and 69 railway tanks