Historical Highlights

118 years have past and CONPET S.A. carries on the business of the first crude oil carrier in Romania.

Late  XIXth century, Eng. Anghel Saligny supported the idea of introducing the pipeline:

”The course that crude oil takes to flow continuously day and night from its source to Cernavodă and Constanţa”.

1901 -The crude oil pipeline transport bases are being set. This year marks the construction of the first crude oil transport pipeline between Buştenari area and Băicoi Railway Station, in Prahova County.

Within the next four decades the pipeline network extended together with the development of the oil fields in Romania.

1934 – the pipeline system has 2522 km in length and the gross crude oil production reaches 8,473,355 tons.

1948 – the oil company passes under State’s ownership.

1956 – I.T.T.C. (Intreprinderea de Transport Titei prin Conducte – the Crude Oil Pipeline Transport Company) is set up and takes over the exploitation of all the crude oil pipelines in Romania.

1968 – is being performed the first imported crude oil transport by rails, along Constanța-Pitești route. One year later, the imported crude is to be transported on the first major pipeline Constanța – Pitești, 143/4 inch in diameter.

January 22nd, 1991 – I.T.T.C. becomes CONPET S.A., as per the Government Decree no. 1213/1990, being the first company established in the oil sector.

1996 – 2008 – CONPET S.A. undergoes a major modernization process, following the implementation of the National Crude Oil Pipeline System Rehabilitation Project amounting to USD 143.66 million, USD 91.00 million from own sources and USD 52.66 million representing a World Bank loan.

2007 – the “Health, Occupational Safety, Environment and Quality Integrated Management System” is certified by the German company Germanischer Lloyd Hamburg.

2009 – Early this year, has been commissioned the Central Dispatch of the National Crude oil, Rich gas, Condensate and Liquid Ethane Transport System, at the new company headquarters, in Ploiești.

2010marks the completion of the Integrated IT System implementation works.

2013 September 5th, CONPET S.A. shares are being listed on the regulated market administered by Bucharest Stock Exchange, Equities sector, 1st Tier (that later changes into Premium category).

2014 – IVth Quarter, CONPET S.A. ranks 20 in Top 100 issuers according to market capitalization.


2016 – At the end of the year, CONPET S.A. ranks 16 in Top 100 issuers according to market capitalization.

2017 – On January 3rd 2017, the market capitalization amounted to 690,870,734.4 RON (79.8 RON/share).

2018 – On January 3rd 2018, the market capitalization amounted to 861,424,036 RON (99.5 RON/share).