Development Strategy

The main strategic objectives of the Board of Administration, formulated based on the analysis of the competitive environment, are:

  • Development of new related activities;
  • Definition of the Company as a regional player;
  • Modern financial approach of the business;
  • Lower operating expenses.

For this purpose, the company’s strategic action lines are:

  • Income stimulation by accessing new business areas and initiation of new income generating activities (leasing storage facilities and rail infrastructure, development of atypical transports of crude oil and oil products);
  • Improvements on the National Transport System by the implementation of the leak detection and location system, modernization of the cathodic protection system and Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition system, renewal of the pipeline network, implementation of a program for the rehabilitation and resizing of the tank farm, adapted to the transported quantities;
  • Improvement of the business efficiency by the reduction of the technological consumptions within the storage and transport processes, minimization of the energy, fuels and lubricants consumptions, reduction of the operating costs following the restructuring, redefinition of the necessary related to pipeline infrastructure;
  • Interconnection of the national crude oil pipeline transport system to the Regional and European Systems based on the implementation of Constanţa – Piteşti – Pancevo Project – an alternative crude transport solution in order to supply the Pancevo refinery (Serbia), with possible extension to Bosanski Brod refinery (Bosnia).

Constanța – Pitești – Pancevo Project

Transport capacity – 7,5 milioane tons/year

Total length of the pipe – cca 760 km

  • 320 km Constanța – Pitești section, already built
  • 440 km new pipe Pitești – Naidaș – Pancevo