Internal Management Control System


Starting January 2011, by the General Director’s resolution, a working group has been established to develop the Management/Internal Control System based on the international control standards, considering the provisions of Ordinance no. 946/2005 of the Ministry of Public Finances for the approval of the Management/Internal Control System, republished in the Official Gazette of Romania Part I no. 469/ July 5th, 2011, subsequent amendments and additions.

On annual basis is being self-assessed the status of implementation of the international standards of control and is being reported pursuant to the legal requirements.

In his report on the Management/Internal Control System evaluated at 31.12.2013 within CONPET S.A., the General Director has stated, under his sole responsibility, that it is a partially compliant system and he has undertaken measures to finalize the implementation of all 25 standards.

The Code of Conduct of CONPET S.A. has been drafted and approved, an Ethics Counselor has been appointed by the Resolution of the General Director and the personnel of the organization has signed an individual engagement of compliance with the provisions of the Code of Conduct.
In compliance with the provisions of the system procedure “Settlement of CONPET S.A. Objectives”, SMART objectives are being set to all relevant levels and functions.
The specific objectives are being set considering the mission of the organization and the strategic objectives contained in the Administration Plan for 2014-2017, given all the general objectives defined by the IMS documentation, in compliance with the requirements of the reference standards. Risks of failure to achieve the objectives are being identified, as per the provisions of the “Risks Management” system procedure.

The processes identified ever since 2007 at the implementation of the integrated management system and the procedures formalised on activities were capitalized as control instruments, the preparation and implementation of new procedures for the risk bearing activities being a practice known by all the employees.

On 12.06.2015, the Secretary General of the Government issued the Order no.400/2015 for the approval of the internal/management control Code of the public entities, which comprised 16 standards and removes OMPF 946/2005 republished in 2011. In view of implementation of the provisions of OSGG 400/2015 the working group, set up for the oversee, coordination and methodological guidance of the development of internal/management control system, is in charge with the incorporation of the new requirements in the revised implementation program.