Integrated Management System

The certification of the integrated management system: health, safety, environment, quality firstly took place in September 2007, with corrections every three years, respectively in September 2010 and September 2013. Survelillace audits are being performed on annual basis, by the auditors of the certification body, DNV-GL Business Assurance Hub Romania.

The General Director of CONPET S.A. has established the policies related to quality, environment, occupational health and safety, considering the following elements:

  • Organization’s strategic lines;
  • Legal requirements and other applicable requirements;
  • The result of the identification of environmental aspects;
  • The result of the risk factors identification, assessment and control of the risks related to work injury and illness.

The general objectives for quality, the Environmental Management Program and the OHS Management Program are in compliance with the policies regarding quality, environment, occupational health and safety:

  • Quality-related policy is oriented towards satisfying clients’ requirements and complying with the legal requirements applicable to the organization.
  • Environment-related policy emphasizes the responsibility the company has towards the environment and the community covered by the business.
  • Occupational health and safety-related policy underlines CONPET S.A. commitment to provide the whole personnel a healthy and safe working environment.

Following the external audit performed by DNV-GL Business Assurance Hub Romania, in September 2015 the following are maintained:

Starting 2010, the Railway Safety Management System has been integrated as well, in compliance with the requirements of Directive 2004/49/EC, transposed in Romania by Law 55/2006 regarding the railway safety. The application area of this system involves the Railway Ramps where CONPET S.A. is performing railway shunting.

Observing the Policy regarding the rail safety, CONPET S.A. commits to act in order to achieve the joint safety objectives and comply with the requirements stipulated in both the interoperability technical requirements and the national safety regulations.