MARKET RELEASE on CONPET S.A. Distribution of Dividends related to 2014 Financial Year

Following the Resolution of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders dated April 28, 2015, CONPET S.A. informs on 2014 payment of dividends by way of Depozitarul Central, starting 23.07.2015, to the shareholders registered in the Shareholders’ Registry at the reference date 03.07.2015. (Ex-date 02.07.2015).

The dividend’s 2014 gross value amounts to 5.9409792 RON/share. The tax on dividends shall be calculated and withheld by CONPET S.A. out of the gross dividend and shall be paid to the State Budget in compliance with the applicable legal provisions.

SEE The Means and Terms of Payment for the Dividends