Annual reports

Annual Report 20162016 Annual Report and annexes 27.04.2017
8:41:48 AM
Financial Statements 31.12.2016
Independent Auditor's Report
Note on the allocation of the net profit 2016
Report on the discharge of administrators 2016
Annual Report Sponsorship 2016Annual Report on the Situation of Sponsorship granted by CONPET S.A. in 2016.
Annual Report 2015Administrators audited annual report
Audited financial statements 2015
Report on the allocation of the net-profit 2015
Independent Auditors Report
Statement of the Management
The articles of Incorporation
CIM the articles of incorporation
List of important agreements executed
C.V. of the current Administrators
List of the persons affiliated to the company
Objective and performance indicators for the administrators
Report on the internal management control system
Declaration of conformity
List of case claimant
List of case defendant
List doble capacity
List of case party
Annual Report Sponsorship 2015Annual Report Sponsorship 2015
Annual Report 2014Annual Report of the Adminstrators of CONPET S.A. 31.12.2014
Financial Statements at 31.12.2014
Independent Auditor’s Report – II
Statement of CEO & EM
Reference discharge of administrators
Objectives and performance indicicators for administrators
Articles of incorporation of the Commercial Company Conpet S.A. Ploiesti
CV of Administrators and CEO
List of important contracts concluded by the company in 2014
List of the persons affiliated to the trade company
Report on the system of intern control on 2014
2014 Sponsorship ReportAnnual Report regarding the sponsorships awarded by CONPET S.A. in 2014