Liviu IlasiGeneral Director

Boasting of 115 years of experience in the crude oil transport, CONPET S.A. combines tradition and modern management as to give rise to a complex vision. Looking back, the expertise and our belonging to the reputable Oilman guild, standing upon moral guidelines like work, rigour, solidarity, bring honor to us all and bind us to the future.

The stake we’re playing for right now is that, based on our decisions and activity, we render our organization a regional and European dimension in its line of business.  We bear responsibility for framing and performing the sustainable development of the company CONPET S.A. in the benefit of the shareholders, investors and company employees.

We are a company made of individuals, in the service of individuals. Day by day, we’re serving the Society, because our business is fundmental for supporting and developing the Romanian economy. Therefore, we’ll maintain the same high standards, in full compliance with our defining values: excellence in administration and transport operations, close management of the risk situations, environment and community protection, decision making transparency.

Liviu Ilași – General Director CONPET S.A.



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